crave or save: pottery barn suzani pillow

I been lusting over this PB pillow. Actually TWO of these PB pillows! I pretty much planned my entire living room around it…. and no, I don’t own it. I We registered for it, but no luck. (hint, hint) Either way, I’ve had plenty opportunities to buy it and I still haven’t. I just cannot justify spending $80 on a pillow – wait no… pillowCASE. I would still have to buy a pillow insert – no matter how much I love it. For $160 there are just so many more things that we need first (namely, furniture). So, when I stumbled across this one on Etsy I was very pleasantly surprised. Same suzani print, same size, much different price tag.

I do really love the texture of the PB pillow, but is it worth the steep price? What do you think? One of these pillow will definitely be making an appearance on Kendall soon.