Painted Brick

During the winter months we tend to get a little stir crazy, so to keep ourselves from going insane we try stay busy by working on projects inside (i.e., the master bathroom makeover, which I promise to post about… some day.) But after months of being cooped up indoors and severe a Vitamin D deficiency, the arrival of warmer weather is always a welcome change. So for the sake of our sanity (and our pasty white complexions), we move the projects outside. The last few weeks have been spent cleaning up the yard, building a really cool piece of furniture for the deck (pics coming soon!), putting down mulch and planting flowers and veggies in the garden. In addition to working in the yard, we have some big changes planned for the exterior. The biggest being, painting our exterior brick! It is something I have wanted to do since the day we moved in.

Before we can paint, we are replacing the windows. Most of our windows are original to the home, so they are far from being energy efficient and the bulk of them are completely painted shut. The new windows are being installed today and then, it’s paint time! Anyone who’s done it before will agree, picking exterior paint colors is hard! As soon as I think I have my mind made up, I see a picture or drive by a beautiful painted home and completely rethink things. I will probably spend the next several days shuffling through the growing stack of paint chips and changing my mind at least 50 times, so in the meantime I wanted to share a few pictures of beautiful painted brick homes that are really inspiring my paint choices.

painted exterior 2 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 9 | home sweet blog{ via }

painted exterior 4 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 13 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 5 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 3 | home sweet blog

paint exterior | home sweet blog

painted exterior 10 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 7 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 12 | home sweet blog

painted exterior 8 | home sweet blog { via }

painted exterior 11 | home sweet blog

In addition the the windows and exterior paint, there are a few other exciting DIY projects we’re tackling… more to come!

{ all photos via my Pinterest board unless otherwise noted }