Help! Living Room Chairs

living room chairs | home sweet blogWe are ordering new chairs for our living room and I am having the hardest time making a decision! I need your help! Which stripe do you like best? I asked yesterday via Instagram and got very mixed reviews. Now I’m even more confused! While I love the grey on the left I think the simple stripe on the right might work best in our space. We have a lot of brown/warm tones in the room and for some reason, I just think they’ll be the better fit. These chairs will be replacing a pair of slipcovered parsons chairs (that were moved from the dining room temporarily for additional seating… aaaand two years later) that you can see from this post a year ago. In fact, so much as changed in the room since that picture. I’m excited to order the new chairs and share pictures of how the room has changed.

Picture 13Soooo, what do you think? Left or right?


***1/23/14 UPDATE: The chairs have been ordered! Be sure to check back next week to see which ones made the cut! Also, to find out where you can score both the chairs above at a mega discount!


Today I Love | Nate Berkus Lamps

This week I ran to Target for a few things… an hour and $100 later, I left with more than just laundry detergent and light bulbs. Which for me – and I’m sure most of you – is pretty much par for the course. In my defense, most of what I bought were things we actually needed, except of course for these lamps…

Nate Berkus lamp | home sweet blogThese Nate Berkus rattan lamps were on sale from $55 to $16! So naturally I had to buy them. Online they are only on sale for $27, so if you’re looking to scoop them up try checking in store. I’ve been looking for a pair of lamps for my office, and while these are lamps I never would have picked out normally, I could not pass them up at that price! I’ve had my eye on these from Hobby Lobby. Their lamps are almost always on sale for 50% off and I had planned to cover the brown with gold Rub-n-Buff, as I’m hoping to bring some gold or brass in to the room – curtain rod, hardware, etc. – but I think these Nate Berkus lamps will end up being a better addition to the space. They already have brass on them (although it looks silver-y in the picture above) and I’m really digging the natural texture. Now I just need to find the right shade. Which of these do you like best?

lamp shade options | home sweet blog{ the textured linen shade, the black or the white lined with gold? }

You may remember the pic of my office shelves I shared here about a year ago. Once we finish the master bathroom I think my office will be the next room to get some TLC. I spend all of my time in there and a little “refresh” is long overdue. With a few easy (and fairy inexpensive) projects I think it will really transform the space. I’ll share my design board for the room soon!

master bath re-do | window treatment update

window treatment update | home sweet blogI finally pulled the trigger and selected a fabric for the window treatments in the master bathroom. I’m going with this beautiful John Robshaw Kedara fabric. It was a favorite from my original post, but the image of the fabric online looked kinda dingy and yellow-ish. It wasn’t until I ordered the swatch that I was able to make the final call. It’s actually not dingy or yellow at all. Thankfully. It pairs perfectly with the wall and cabinet color. We already have dark bamboo shades in the room, which we’ll be keeping for privacy, but I think a window treatment will be a nice addition. I am hoping to recreate the style below,

box pleat valance | home sweet blog

I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult! And I’m still deciding whether or not to add a contrasting trim… what do you think?

master bath re-do | progress

Happy Friday! I just wanted to share another update on the master bath re-do. Between travel and family our holiday was crazy/hectic (but sooo wonderful!), I’m shocked we had any time to work on the bathroom at all, but we were actually able to cross a few more things off the list.

  • paint walls
  • install subway tile above shower / grout
  • buy shower curtain rod / install
  • find window treatment fabric / order (I finally made a decision! More fabric details to come next week.)
  • sew window treatments / hang
  • order new light fixture / hang
  • frame mirror
  • paint shelf / hang
  • paint cabinets
  • install new cabinet hardware

I’m waiting to share any more “sneak peek” pictures until the final reveal. Also, this wasn’t on the original bathroom to-do list, but I got new towels over the holidays. My parents gave me these,

perpetual bloom towels | home sweet blog

I L-O-V-E them! They are the Perpetual Boom Towels from Anthropologie which have been on my wishlist forever. And I ran out the day after Christmas and scooped up several more because they were on mega clearance. It looks like I got them just in time, because they are no longer available on their website. More exciting bathroom updates to come. Have a fabulous weekend!

master bath re-do | the window treatment

I mentioned in my master bath plan that I know the style window treatment I want, I just don’t know what fabric to use. To refresh your memory, here are the colors we’re working with…

master bath colors | home sweet blog

Here are a few of the fabric options I’m considering,

master bath fabric | home sweet blog

1 – I love this fabric, I’m just concerned that the scale might not be right for the space.

2 – I think a golden yellow would work really well with our wall and cabinet colors and this would be a subtle way to introduce it.

3 – I can’t decide if I love this fabric or if I think it looks too grandma-ish, but either way I keep coming back to it.

4 – I picked this because it is vaguely reminiscent of this – which I love, but sadly think is waaay out of my price range. Besides being out of my price range I don’t even know how I’d go about tracking that beauty down…

5 – This is fabric is all over Pinterest and the colors are perfect, but I may have a hard time selling BW on this one. It’s very floral, in a good way… but, floral.

6, 7 & 8 – These are much more neutral. I think all three of these would look great with a contrasting trim. Similar to the width of this,

bathroom valance inspiration 2 | home sweet blog

What do you think? Which one do you like best?

master bath re-do| the plan

master bath design board | home sweet blog

As promised, here is the design plan for our master bathroom re-do. The hexagon floor tiles are not part of phase 1… sadly those will have to wait, but I wanted to include them to give a picture of the full plan.

THE WALLS – BW has already painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. A light blue-ish grey that I’ve been obsessed with since I first saw it on Pinterest.

THE CABINETS – We are planning to paint the existing cabinets in a dark color. I was originally thinking a dark grey, but the color above was on the same paint chip as Sea Salt – it has some olive green undertones that I think could be really pretty. I’d also like to swap out the exiting hardware for something that is a little more traditional.

THE LIGHT FIXTURE – The light fixture is simple, but it is 100 times better than the existing lights and it matches the brushed nickel faucets and cabinet hardware I’ve picked out. The glass shades are clear so they will provide a lot of light.

THE SHOWER – We are planning to add subway tiles with dark grout around the top of the existing shower. Neither of us has ever done any tiling, but I think it’s a DIY we can tackle. The shower curtain we already have. I purchased it several months back from Pottery Barn outlet. We also plan to add a curved shower curtain rod.

THE WINDOW – There is currently a bamboo shade over the window which we will keep (mostly because it’s needed for privacy), but I’d love to add a inverted box pleat valance over the shade to bring in some color. I am torn when it comes to the fabric for the valence. There are 7-8 fabrics I’m considering. I plan on sharing them all later this week. Hopefully I’ll get some input that will help me to decide!

THE MIRROR – So rather than ripping out the giant builder grade mirror, we are planning to frame it out with MDF and crown molding to give it a more custom look. Something like this,

bathroom mirror | home sweet blog { image via }

There are a few more bathroom details we have planned (including a $4 furniture find that we’ve had for months) which I’ll share as things move along. What do you think? Are we on the right track?

master bath re-do

Since we moved in our master bath has been seriously neglected. Like, seriously neglected. A towel rack fell from the wall and we left it sorta half hanging for months. This room gets no love. Maybe that’s because aside from BW and me no one even sees this room. Maybe it’s because between the ugly builder grade mirror, standard fixtures, white walls and neutral tile we just didn’t know where to start. The bathroom is part of a master suite addition built by the previous owners and they layout is, eh, strange. It’s an L-shaped room and space is certainly tight.

master bath | home sweet blog

master bath 2 | home sweet blog

Both of these were taken the first time we saw the house, which happened to be when we placed our first offer. The top photo is looking in from the door that leads from the master bedroom. And the second photo is looking at the vanity (obvi) – the toilet is behind me and the tub is to the left. The window to the right is the only window in the room.

To give you a better picture of the space here is a very rough floor plan,

master bathroom layout | home sweet blogSee what I mean about the weird layout? I personally think that little linen closet (my “not to scale” floor plan might be deceiving. It’s very small!) is completely unnecessary. It creates weird angles in the room and the shelves of the closet are so insanely narrow it’s basically useless for holding anything other than extra toiletries. Yes, too narrow even to hold folded towels… the sole purpose of a linen closet. But since a major gutting of the bathroom is not in our budget, this is what we’re working with. We BW has already got a fresh coat of paint up on the walls and I plan on sharing my design plans next week for a minor budget/major impact bathroom re-do. Stay tuned!