DIY | reindeer moss wreath

reindeer moss wreath tutorial | home sweet blogWhen I finally took down my Christmas decorations (clearly I was in no rush. But, Elvis used to leave his Christmas decor up until his birthday on January 8th. So, just pretend I did that on purpose… you know… for Elvis.) I needed a little something for the front door. I decided to make a reindeer moss wreath – it’s perfect for the transition from winter to spring. This could not have be any easier and I love the way it turned out! Here’s what you’ll need to make it,

reindeer moss wreath | home sweet blog

  • grapevine wreath (I used one I already had)
  • reindeer moss (I found mine at Michael’s and bought two different colors, $6 per bag, and had plenty left over)
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • burlap or ribbon for hanging

Prepare yourself because the “how-to” is embarrassingly simple… just hot glue the reindeer moss on the front of your wreath. I chose to leave a few of the vines showing. If you wanted a less rustic looking wreath you could use a foam wreath form. After covering the front, I glued the moss around the edges of the wreath, so only the back was left uncovered.

reindeer moss wreath instagram | home sweet blog

reindeer moss wreath 3 | home sweet blog

When you’re finished gluing, just hang and enjoy! So far it’s been hanging outside for two weeks and it has held up wonderfully. The moss has stayed on and it hasn’t lost any of it’s color. The wreath below was on One Kings Lane this week for $55! Not only was mine a tiny fraction of that price, but I like it better.

OKL reindeer moss wreath | home sweet blog

Also, saw this one at Target for $44.99! It looks pretty good online, but I saw it in store and the moss practically crumbled when it came in contact with anything.

Target wreath | home sweet blog

reindeer moss wreath 4 | home sweet blog

reindeer moss wreath 2 | home sweet blog{ sorry for my scary reflection… }

reindeer moss wreath 1 | home sweet blog


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