Welcome 2014

welcome 2014 | home sweet blog

We are almost 10 days into the new year and I still cannot believe 2013 is over. After the holidays filled with travel, family and friends, New Years eve celebrations and an amazing trip to California (an early anniversary/National Championship game trip) I’m finally back to a normal work week and it actually feels kind of nice to be back to a routine… well, today at least. I’m sure a month from now will be another story. As I reflect back on the past year and look ahead to 2014, I can’t help but think about ways to make this year better than the last. For me, something about a new year really sheds light on things and encourages change. But, I rarely make resolutions and when I do I rarely stick to them, so instead I just want to give myself two things to work on in the new year. Yes, just two. Keeping things simple here.

1. Take more pictures. And then actually print those pictures. I have two awesome cameras and other than snapping “before and after” shots of house projects, they rarely get used. I’ve never been good at taking pictures. I like living in the moment, not seeing it through a camera lens. But over the last year BW and I have had the opportunity to share and experience so many amazing things together, I hate that I don’t have photos to commemorate all of our special trips and occasions.

2. Make more phone calls. When did texting become our primary means of communication? For those of you who I talk to on a regular basis, don’t worry… this doesn’t mean I’ll be calling for “hour long gab sessions.” There’s just something about hearing the voices of the ones we love – if only for a minute or two – that makes a connection you can’t get from a text message or email.

What are you working on this year? Happy 2014 to you all!


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