diy: tissue paper tassel garland

tassel garland tutorial | home sweet blog

Earlier this month we co-hosted a baby shower for some friends who are expecting a sweet baby girl this January. Since they are welcoming a little girl we opted for pink everything with little bits of gold. For part of the decor I made a tassel garland – it turned out super adorable and was super easy. Here’s how I did it,

// materials //

  • tissue paper or mylar*
  • scissors
  • thin wire or twist ties
  • glue stick (not pictured)
  • wooden skewer (not pictured)
  • ribbon or string

tassel garland | home sweet blog

1. Gather materials. (glue stick and wooden skewer not pictured)

2. Fold a piece of tissue paper in to quarters. Then, in half lengthwise and in half lengthwise again. Each sheet of tissue paper will make four tassels.

3. Cut towards the fold to create fringe, leaving 1″ to 1.5″ uncut at the fold line. Cut the last fringe on each side all the way to the fold (to make the four tassels).

4. Unfold the tissue paper and separate the four pieces.

5. Put a thin line of glue on one edge, place the wire or twist tie and begin rolling tightly down the middle crease. Once it is rolled up, begin twisting tightly.

6. Fold in half and twist to create a loop for hanging. To get the loop extra tight, slide onto the wooden skewer and twist.

7. String onto ribbon, secure with a knot to prevent tassel from moving.

8. Repeat with other colors and hang.

*The mylar was pretty difficult to work with. Next time I might just use gold tissue paper. It will not be quite as shiny, but will save the hassle of dealing with mylar.

Here are a few shots of the tassel garland (and another fun DIY – tutorial to come!) in action.

tassel garland 1 | home sweet blog

tassel garland 2 | home sweet blog

tassel garland 3 | home sweet blog

How amazing are those flowers? My friend Caroline is an incredibly talented floral designer. I was supposed to help her arrange… but I mostly just watched in awe as she worked.


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