master bath re-do

Since we moved in our master bath has been seriously neglected. Like, seriously neglected. A towel rack fell from the wall and we left it sorta half hanging for months. This room gets no love. Maybe that’s because aside from BW and me no one even sees this room. Maybe it’s because between the ugly builder grade mirror, standard fixtures, white walls and neutral tile we just didn’t know where to start. The bathroom is part of a master suite addition built by the previous owners and they layout is, eh, strange. It’s an L-shaped room and space is certainly tight.

master bath | home sweet blog

master bath 2 | home sweet blog

Both of these were taken the first time we saw the house, which happened to be when we placed our first offer. The top photo is looking in from the door that leads from the master bedroom. And the second photo is looking at the vanity (obvi) – the toilet is behind me and the tub is to the left. The window to the right is the only window in the room.

To give you a better picture of the space here is a very rough floor plan,

master bathroom layout | home sweet blogSee what I mean about the weird layout? I personally think that little linen closet (my “not to scale” floor plan might be deceiving. It’s very small!) is completely unnecessary. It creates weird angles in the room and the shelves of the closet are so insanely narrow it’s basically useless for holding anything other than extra toiletries. Yes, too narrow even to hold folded towels… the sole purpose of a linen closet. But since a major gutting of the bathroom is not in our budget, this is what we’re working with. We BW has already got a fresh coat of paint up on the walls and I plan on sharing my design plans next week for a minor budget/major impact bathroom re-do. Stay tuned!


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