pumpkin problems

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, as soon as pumpkins started showing up I bought ’em. Like, a lot of ’em. Well, just a few short weeks later ALL but ONE of my pumpkins on the front porch have completely rotted! And one of my mini pumpkins from inside has rotted! That’s four pumpkins down! What gives?

I heard it could be because of the rainy summer. Is anyone else having this problem? Typically my pumpkins last through Thanksgiving. It’s taking all the self control I have not to go buy more…


2 thoughts on “pumpkin problems

  1. I soaked my indoor pumpkins in bleach water for 5-10 minutes and they are still as good as gold! Unfortunately, I don’t think this trick works for outdoor pumpkins!

  2. Bummer! I admire your togetherness, though. I just got around to buying pumpkins today. I’d go buy more if I was you! Don’t deny yourself! :)

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