diy: burlap door hanger

burlap door hanger | home sweet blog

Adorable burlap door hangers everywhere – in fact, we have an Auburn one that we hang during football season. So when my sis-in-law and bro-in-law found out they were expecting baby #2 last fall, I wanted to get them one. Actually, I would have had to buy two… they got our entire family together to announce the sex of the baby and and as soon they did, I wanted to give them a little something to welcome the new addition. That meant buying one for a baby boy and a baby girl. (Side note: I was convinced baby #2 was a girl, so I almost went with my gut and bought one. Glad I didn’t, because of course, now I am aunt to an adorable nephew) Since I needed two, I decided I’d try to make them as opposed to dropping $40+ that they sell for in gift shops. They actually turned out pretty cute and I was so much more excited about presenting them with a homemade gift. Here’s how I did it,

You’ll need:

  • burlap (I had a lot leftover from our wedding)
  • paint (I used regular acrylic craft paint)
  • black puff paint
  • hot glue
  • plastic grocery bags
  • wire (for hanging)

burlap door hanger 1 | home sweet blog

burlap door hanger 1 | home sweet blog

I made a template out of newspaper and then used the template to cut out my burlap. You’ll need to cut to pieces of burlap – one for the front and one for the back. I painted the front piece of burlap. Be sure to put down paper or plastic as the paint bleeds straight through the burlap. I painted free-hand but you could easily sketch with a pencil or marker first. Once the paint was dry, I outlined with the puff paint. I attached the front painted piece of burlap to the back piece – leaving a little opening – stuffed the inside with the plastic grocery bags, then glued the opening shut. Attached the wire and it was ready to hang!

burlap door hanger 3 | home sweet blog burlap door hanger 4 | home sweet blogburlap door hanger 5 | home sweet blog


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