how does your garden grow?


This is the first year we’ve had a raised bed garden. We built it a few months back and thanks to BW’s soil mix (don’t ask him about it or you’ll hear more about vermiculite* than you’d ever care to know) it’s growing just fine. In fact we are just a few veggies shy of having our own booth at the farmer’s market. (We’ve even made a few batches of homemade pickles! Which I plan to share soon.) The problem is, with the exception of our peppers a cucumbers, a little critter and his critter family are swiping everything right before harvesting time. So, in a Caddyshack moment of desperation I went on the hunt for advice from avid gardeners and of course, Google. Here’s the plan of action for OPERATION: SAYONARA SQUIRRELS…

option 1: aluminum pans. Obviously having aluminum pans strung up around my backyard doesn’t necessary scream “classy,” but if it works I don’t mind one bit that my garden looks like something straight out of a trailer park.

option 2: spicy spray. Lots of sites online mentioned using a homemade squirrel repellant (that’s safe to veggies and animals) by using jalapenos, cayenne pepper, vinegar and water. I’ve whipped up a batch and plan on spraying it on plants and around the beds.

option 3: human hair. I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the same thing… sick. This was certainly the least appealing option, but as I’ve mentioned, I’m desperate. Per the suggestion of a co-worker I’ve filled pantyhose with human hair. Well, not filled, but I cleaned out my hair brush and stuffed it into a pair of knee highs. Which embarrassingly enough, I owned #oldladysocks

I’m going at this guns blazing and trying all three options at once. I can’t handle loosing more precious tomatoes. I’ll let you know how these work or if they don’t at all. Option 4 is getting a cat.

*Vermiculite is the white stuff that looks like bean bag filling in the potting mix that allows the soil to hold water and breathe. It is not Styrofoam… as once previously thought.

NOTE: No squirrels were harmed in the writing of this post… not yet, at least.


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