on the bench

BW and I are lucky to have a super-huge master bedroom. The only downside of having a huge master is being able to afford all of the furniture to fill it. Luckily, we already had a dresser and armoire (hand-me-downs from my childhood bedroom) which fit the space nicely. With a little bit of paint and some new hardware, I think they’ll be perfect. Next step is a headboard – which we’re planning to make ourselves. Yikes. If When we ever get around to it and BW and I don’t kill each other in the process, I’ll be sure to share details.

But in the meantime, I am obsessed with finding a bench to go at the foot of our bed. Problem is, our bed is so stinking tall! Absolutely nothing I find seems to be the right height. After perusing Pinterest it seems that there is really no rule… people use benches and stools in all different shapes and sizes. What do you think? Is there a formula? Does a bench have to be a certain size in proportion to the bed? Ahhh! Help!

{ this bench is pretty low compared to the height of the  bed and it doesn’t look crazy at all. In fact, it looks perfect! }

{ I love the two side-by-side stools }

{ ahhh… this room I love! And I absolutely love the grey velvet tufted stools! }

Could I make something myself? Is that too ambitious? If I any of my neighbors happens to toss out an old coffee table I’m totally snatching it and this is happening…

{ Like, seriously?!? Yes… that is a trash can coffee table, via }

{ all other images via Pinterest }


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