let there be light: guest bedroom sconces

One of our guest bedrooms has tiny (like, teeny tiny) bedside tables. Since lamps won’t fit very well, I’ve been looking for some pretty wall mount sconces to go on either side of the bed. I’ve scoured my the web and as the story typically goes, there were about a million scones I absolutely loved that were waaaay out of my price range. For example the Boston Functional Library light from Circa Lighting.

{ first seen here and I’ve been in love ever since }

How cool/amazing/drool-worthy are these?!  I thought they would bring a great masculine/industrial touch to the guest bedroom. Until… um, I’m sorry, what’s that? 336 bucks, a piece? No, no thank you. Not in my budget. So, the hunt was still on. After more searching, I decided to stick with something a little more traditional, figuring it would be friendlier on my wallet and easier to work with when we are ready to change that bedroom into oh, I don’t know… something else. I found these at PB. I really liked the style. The scale is great – they still feel substantial, not too dainty. At $298 for the pair, they were not a complete steal, but combined they were cheaper than ONE of the Circa Lighting sconces.

While hunting for reviews of the PB sconces online (I have a love/hate relationship with user reviews) I stumbled across a pair very similar on copycatchic.com for $19.99 a piece! Yes, that’s right, under $20 per sconce. Jackpot. They are from a website called lakeside.com. Thinking I had stumbled across some gem of a website, I browsed around looking for some other mega-bargains. But unfortunately, the rest of the site looks like a Skymall catalog. So unless you’re looking for holiday themed compression socks or a giant cat scratching post that a looks like a tree, you should probably just skip the website all together. Not bad, huh?

All things considered I might like the PB sconces a little bit more, but that all goes out the window with about $250 in savings. What do you think? Pretty close, huh? Directly above the bed I am planning to hang six framed egg prints. Something like this,

I think the sconces on either side will create really nice balance. They came in this weekend and I have to say, they look pretty good! We’ve still got a long way to go before that room is completely finished, but I’ll be sure to share a sneak peek of the sconces when they’re up.


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