home sweet home, at last

Remember the mold house? Of course you do…

When we didn’t get our “dream house” BW and I were devastated. So thanks to all of you who offered to “light the yard on fire”, “fill the lawn with old toilets”, and of course “release a rabid raccoon into the crawl space.” Your outpouring of vandalism love made us realize how wonderful our friends are (as if we didn’t already know.) The good news is, you can put away the lighter fluid, ditch the toilets and call animal control, your “help” won’t be necessary. Because…..


That’s right. The initial offer (the one placed mere hours before ours) fell through. We placed anotehr offer. Which turned into multiple offers, a.k.a. a bidding war. Which as far as I’m convinced is one of the most terrifying/stressful things that exists in this world. I mean come on, bidding war. Is it really necessary to call it that? The stress led me to start pulling out chunks of hair creating a small bald spot on the left side of my head (I’m only sort-of kidding.) The worst part is, I was LESS stressed than BW. He was a wreck. We submitted an offer and waited. And waited. Pulled out more hair. And waited. Then we got the call… it’s ours! It’s the best wedding gift we could have received. We close next month, post-honeymoon. I cannot wait to share pictures!

Disclaimer: no landscapes, toilets or raccoons were harmed in the writing of this post.


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