pretty paper

You remember Sam, right?! I’ve mentioned her here and here. Anyway, we work together. Her desk is just right across the room. We laugh work really hard all day. I’ve come to rely on her heavily before making major decisions i.e. whether or not she condones using your lunch break to get a spray tan (She does. Fully.) and whether or not I should order another pair of shoes off Gilt (I should.) and of course whether or not we need snacks from the fourth floor vending machine (We do.) But one of the biggest perks of being Sam’s friend (besides all of the things I’ve mentioned already) is that she’s a fab graphic designer. I mean, the girl is good.

It has been an absolute blessing to have her help my with my save the dates, wedding invites, programs and other countless wedding must-haves. I don’t really remember if I asked or if she offered, but that’s beyond the point, water under the bridge, yadda yadda. Side note: if she did offer, there might have been a time or two she regretted offering! Either way, I could not have been more thrilled with everything she designed. So, here is just a peek at her lovely invites and save the dates.

To read Sam’s blog, click here. Also, if you happen to be looking for a designer…she comes HIGHLY recommended!


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