goodbye my lover

As part of my wedding diet plan attempt to eat healthier I’ve decided to stop drinking Diet Cokes. I told myself that 3 months before was the official cut off, but due to two straight weeks of work travel (for which endless amounts of caffeine, i.e. Diet Coke, are a must!) I’ve pushed it back just a bit. So this Monday was my official “no more DC day.” For those of you who know me well (or at least know me a little) you know this is huge. I am used to averaging 2-3 a day. And that’s a good day. I’m not giving it up because I’m trying to drop loads of lbs. it’s mainly because, less DC means more water, which = glowing skin. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

It’s Saturday and I haven’t cheated, yet. Which is major because I usually have ZERO self control when it comes to dieting or giving up sweets, fried foods, caffeine, fast food, reality TV, yadda yadda (Okay, I have many vices). Three months is not that long. So raise your Diet Cokes, er, waters…here’s to hoping that my journey towards the altar holds many things none of which are packaged in a 12 ounce aluminum can.


2 thoughts on “goodbye my lover

  1. NO way! Is his the same e. Boone who drive around with a 12 pack of dc in the trunk?!?! Proud of you! I have only had one dc since July and I couldn’t even drink it all! I have faith in you, love.

  2. I’m on a Diet Coke detox, too! I gave it up at the beginning of the school year because I finally listened to my parents’ warnings about fake sugar, but I still miss it sometimes, haha. If you ever need to vent, you know where to find me. :)

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