First off, let me just say I am so incredibly lucky to have a friend that is an amazing designer! She designed our save the dates – I was very picky about what I wanted and she did the most incredible job. (hoping to share those soon!) She helped me with the tags for our shower gifts (seen here) and now she’s helping me with the wedding invites. I love the fact that I don’t have to flip through a book and select a design that 100 other people have used before me. Thanks to Sam, BW and I will have wedding invites that are completely one of a kind.

We have already spent an evening searching the internet for inspiration, looking at paper samples. So that’s got me thinking a lot about the envelopes. It really sets the stage for the whole invite, but since custom calligraphy isn’t really in my budget, I’m thinking about taking on the task myself. Too ambitious? Probably. Either way, here are few looks that have me feeling particularly inspired.

{ via pinterest }

{ via pinterest }

{ via pinterest }

{ plurabelle }

{ rachel carl & co }

{ rachel carl & co }

{ kymera studio }

{ lindsay letters }

Aren’t they beautiful? I really love them all.


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