happy birthday

Exactly one week ago I celebrated my 26th birthday. A big thank you to my wonderful friends and family. I love you all and I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. You all helped to make the day extra special. Here are just a few of the many, many ways my friends and family made 26 a birthday to remember…

{ “birthday bucks” via sam }

{ the most beautiful birthday flowers from BW }

{ sweet birthday cards and messages from friends and family }

And yes…that is a raccoon. A long standing joke between my best friend and me. I still cannot believe that someone even makes a card with a raccoon on it. Could not have been more perfect. I guess there really is something for everyone. I also love getting cards from my grandparents. My grandfather always picks out the most beautiful cards and underlines all of the sentimental words. This year he sent me two. He said he couldn’t decide. Inside the second card he wrote “I like this card also”. Gotta love grandfathers.

{ homemade strawberry cake }

{ my shiny new TB wallet – thanks mom & dad! }

Oh and remember the shrimp and grits recipe? Yeah, well that’s what my mom whipped up for a special birthday dinner and they tasted better than ever! Unfortunately, they didn’t last long enough to get good pics. No matter how closely I follow her recipe, her cooking always tastes better. Must be a mom thing.

I have another amazing birthday surprise from my mom to share…BUT I’m saving that for its very own post! Stay tuned.


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