end of an era

After three wonderful years – Ahhh! where does the time go? – it is time to say goodbye to 92 West Lafayette. For these last three years, it’s been home. I walked through the front door everyday after work. I slept just one room over from my roommate and one of my very best friends. I cooked so many meals in the tiny (and very poorly designed) kitchen. We hosted parties. We decorated for holidays. It’s the place BW would come visit me while he lived in Telluride. It’s the first place he cooked me dinner. It’s the place we had a glass of champagne to celebrate the night we got engaged. It holds so many wonderful memories. This move truly marks the end of an era, but it marks the beginning of a more exciting one. And while it’s bittersweet, the many months and years ahead hold so many new and exciting things. I’m ready for the home that BW and I will share and the many new memories for us to begin building there.

For the next few months I’ll be back at my parents house. I’m so lucky to have an amazing family that I’m actually excited to be with every day. Even if it means I’ll be sharing a bathroom with a not so neat 13-year-old…sorry Lala I still love you!


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