eb + bw

A few weeks ago, BW and I took engagement pictures. I went to high school with the photographer, Brittney – AND she’s also a fellow Auburn grad – you can check out her ah-mazing work here. I am so excited that she is also going to be shooting our wedding! Seriously, L.O.V.E. her! We took our pictures in the South Main district downtown and about 25 minutes into the shoot, we were caught in a  thunderstorm. In a few of the pictures you can even the see wind and clouds rolling in. We hopped on a trolley to get out of the rain monsoon, only to have the trolley stop running (no joke, a trolley on the line had been hit by lightening so whole line had to stop running). Oh and spoiler alert, trolleys don’t have air conditioning. So as you can imagine, my hair was looking really good by the end of the day. Despite the wind, rain, and trolley mishap Brittney got some great shots. Here are a few of my favorites…


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