the perfect saturday

This post is getting to you about a week late (these seems to be an ongoing trend these days) but, either way… I wanted to share how BW and I spent our perfect Saturday. We started out at the Memphis Farmers Market downtown. It was opening week, so I was excited to get there and scoop up some fresh local goodies.

Unfortunately, after a week of beautiful weather, Saturday was freezing! So we spent less time checking out the local produce and more time drinking coffee and trying to stay warm. We did manage to walk away with some great finds. One particularly delicious thing…Delta Grind Grits. Before eating these, I just thought grits were grits. Oh, was I wrong! Best. Grits. Ever. I highly recommend ordering some from their site. Packed with flavor, creamy and delicious. After the farmers market, we stepped into the South Main Antique Market.

To be completely honest, the only reason we even wandered in here is because we were hungry for lunch, but since it was only 10 a.m. Gus’s Fried Chicken wasn’t open yet. Which is ridiculous, because I know we weren’t the only people in the city craving fried chicken at 10 in the morning. But I’m so glad we stumbled across this amazing place. It is three stories of antiques. Mostly architectural details salvaged from old homes. That means three floors of old doors, shutters, windows and balusters. I love old architectural detailsĀ  (BW will probably roll his eyes if/when he reads that, considering I said it roughly 147 times while we were in the store).

Then, off to Gus’s.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but don’t let the exterior fool you. This is hands down the world’s best fried chicken! Totally worth waiting for. No better way to start off a lunch of fried goodness, than fried dill pickles.

Here is BW anxiously awaiting his lunch.

And finally the wait was over…

The fact that both shots of me eating are blurry is proof that I could not shovel it into my mouth fast enough. If you ever come to Memphis barbecue is a given, but be sure to make time for Gus’s! After lunch we headed to a local record store to celebrate Record Store Day (yes, that is a real thing).

Oh and yes, that is a public enemy record right there in front. Don’t worry…I didn’t buy it.

{ BW searching for a hidden gem at the record store }

All in all it was a perfect day!


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