an update

I mentioned in an earlier post that there’s been a lot of exciting things going on, so the blog has definitely take a back seat (more like waaay backseat…picture those old-school station wagons with the outward facing backseat. That far back.) So, I’ve decided that during the month of April, I won’t be featuring any new recipes. Or at least I’m not planning to. If I do, you can be sure I will share them here.

This blog is, and will always be, about the things that inspire me, but in the meantime thoughts aren’t occupied with food and furniture. They’re of a completely different nature…


That’s right, BW popped the question! It happened almost three weeks ago. On April 1st and it was no April Fools joke! We went to dinner at a spot that’s very special to us – everything was perfect! The two of us could not be more excited. So as I said, my thoughts have shifted from decorating and cooking to wedding planning and I’ll be sharing all of the exciting details right here.

In fact, to kick start the wedding excitement, here are a few wedding shots that are helping to spark my creativity.

{ all image via pinterest }


4 thoughts on “an update

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  2. I just found you blog and it’s fabulous! I can totally understand why you’ve been sidetracked though!!! Congratulations (and make sure you find the episode of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera that features the country wedding – it was gorgeous!!) Best wishes!!!

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