recipe recap: february

So, here’s the recipe recap for month two. I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up with trying a new recipe each week…especially considering it might be the only resolution I’ve actually kept. Oops…

week 1: chicken tortilla soup

As I mentioned in the post, this soup has healing powers. No, really…it does. If you like chicken tortilla soup, this is definitely recipe I would recommend. It’s  pretty much fool-proof. If you want more spice, add more spice. If you want more veggies, add more veggies. Easy as that.

week 2: burgundy mushrooms

While this was not my first time to make “the” mushrooms, it was the first time I’ve made them away from my mom’s watchful eye. Even without her in the kitchen telling me what ingredient to add next (without even needing to glance at the recipe, might I add) they were a huge success. If there is only one recipe you make from the blog, PLEASE let it be these mushrooms!

week 3: homemade italian doughnuts

I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again…there is no such thing as a bad doughnut. Bottom line. So that said, for my next attempt I’m whipping up a batch of my own dough.

week 4: thai noodle steak salad

Another recipe for the archives. Great flavors, super easy and so delish! One of the things I love so much about this recipe is that even though there are so many elements, it requires very little cooking, so you can whip it up quickly. Boil the pasta, cook the steak and you’re set.

Month two was another success. Although I’m getting a bit of a late start – February was a short month, so that’s my excuse – I’ve already got some exciting recipes planned for March, so stay tuned!


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