frame game

{ i’ve had this image from an old blueprint mag for years }

Several years ago (like college apartment, several years ago) I made two message boards to hang in my room. I loved them. They hung over a small desk in my room. It was the perfect place to display pictures, cards and memorabilia I wanted to keep, but didn’t necessarily have a place for.  When I made the transition from college apartment to house I kept them, simply because it was something to fill the empty walls. Well, several years later…I am just plain sick of them. Not to mention, at the ripe old age of 25 I feel like I’ve outgrown the “bulletin board overflowing with pictures look.” I pulled them down and after living with bare walls for a few weeks I’m finally ready do to something with the space. I’ve always loved the look of a large frame display wall. I have frames I’ve collected over the years from thrift stores and antique shops, I just need to find the right way to arrange them. Here some of the pictures I’ve pulled for inspiration.

{ image from pottery barn }

{ another beauty from pb }

{ image from here }

{ my favorite! from here }

I’ll have to post more pics once I get everything arranged and pictures hung.


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