how to: folding fitted sheets

Usually when people attempt to fold fitted sheets they end up just being rolled up into a tangled mess and shoved into a closet. People hate folding fitted sheets. I on the other hand, love folding fitted sheets. I consider it to be one of my finest domestic skills. It’s a skill that was passed down from my grandmother (my dad’s mom, she was amazing!) She taught my mother, who in turn taught me. And now, I’m passing it along to you. I have seriously dug through linen closets at my friend’s homes only to unfold their sheets and teach them this easy trick.

here’s what you’ll need:

  • a fitted sheet
  • a flat surface (this is key. I usually use the top of my dryer or my kitchen table)

how to:

First, fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Take special care to match up the corners. The corners should tuck in to the opposite side (see pic).

Now fold the sheet half the opposite way (so now it is folded into fourths). Again, make sure all of the corners are matched up.

Okay, I will say this again the corners MUST match up!! Next, fold down the top portion of the sheet lengthwise. Ultimately what you are doing is folding the sheet into thirds lengthwise. As you fold the sheet into thirds, you will hide the places where the sheet does not match up perfectly. Since fitted sheets are the oddest shape ever, seriously, don’t get discouraged if everything does not matchup perfectly. Every fold you make will help things even out.

Now fold the bottom up towards the top lengthwise – the same fold you just made at the top.

You should have a long, neatly folded sheet. Now the tricky part is over. Fold each of the end inwards. Again, the ends may not be matched up perfectly, that’s why you are folding the ends towards the inside, to hide the ends.

Fold the entire sheet in half and you’re finished!

I wish I could physically SHOW all of you how to fold sheets, these pictures still don’t do the best job. But hopefully this will point you in the right direction. Happy folding!


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