chair-y tale

I’ve been searching for a wingback chair for my living room. After searching high and low – along with some help with my mom, thanks mom! – I was able to track this one down on Craigslist for $30. Since I’m not loving the blue faux velvet (what’s not to love…right?!) all it needs is a good slipcover. It’s not much to look at now, but I love the shape and the style of the legs. A good slipcover should completely transform the chair. I’m going for more of a loose, shabby chic look. I haven’t been able to hunt down a pre-made slipcover that I love and since having one custom made is not really in my budget, I’ve decided to make one on my own. Next weekend I am loading up the chair and my sewing machine and heading over to my parents house. I have enlisted the help of my mom. I figured two sets of hands is better than one. Here are a few different styles I’ve pulled for inspiration.

Oh and did I mention the chair smells of moth balls? I guess that’s what 3o bucks gets you. Nothing a little fresh air and an obscene amount of Frebreze  won’t fix. Hopefully beautiful slipcover pics are on the way!


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