two thousand eleven

{ me and kristen ringing in 2011 }

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! A new year means new resolutions. A part of me hates the idea of new year’s resolutions. At the start of the new year I feel like they are thrown in your face from every direction. BUT I do love the idea of a fresh start for accomplishing new things – maybe it’s the same as a resolution, but somehow explaining it to myself this way makes me much more enthusiastic. So, here are the things I would like to accomplish in the next year (I’m writing them here to keep myself motivated)…

  • Start and stick to a consistent running schedule. Last year I decided I would run half marathon and after that flopped in, oh, let’s see… week two, I’ve decided 5Ks are where it’s at. Also, I might have accidentally mentioned registering for an upcoming 5K at a recent family function and pretty much the entire table decided to join in. So with BW and half of the fam on board there’s no backing out.
  • Try at least one new recipe each week.
  • Vastly improve my Gain effective money budgeting skills. I guess you have to have skills before you can improve on them. I’ve struggled with this pretty much my whole life – I’m sure my mom has plenty of stories about accumulating stacks of OD statement throughout my college years.
  • Purge. Get rid of things I don’t need and no more time and money spent on things that merely fill space. The things I keep need to be ones that truly enrich my life. Not to mention my house is just too small to keep up with so many things.
  • Start saving for a new laptop. (See resolution number 3)
  • Slow down, take a deep breath, and through all of the chaos and stress, try to find beauty in the everyday – even if I have to look really hard to find it.

5 thoughts on “two thousand eleven

  1. Elizabeth – I too was an avid overdrafter in college. Emails from my Dad on Monday mornings were not the friendly kind… Dave Ramsey rocks on getting you on track – I did the envelope system and saved so much more each month (from my tiny paychecks).

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