super easy risotto dinner

I’m all about shortcuts in the kitchen, as long as you don’t sacrifice taste. For example, I just can’t quite get used to the idea of instant mashed potatoes or pre-minced garlic. But other that, if it makes time spent in the kitchen easier I’m on board. I love risotto, but usually it requires time spent standing over the stove adding ladle after ladle of chicken broth. So when I heard about risotto in a box, needless to say I was beyond skeptical. But I have to say, this risotto is sooo yummy!! It is the Archer Farms brand from Target and it is less than $4 a box (hello!) After about 20 minutes in simmering water and the addition of butter and a bit of freshly grated Parmesan (I also add a splash of cream if I have it), it is just as delicious as any risotto I have ever eaten! BW and I have been through several boxes in the last few weeks. It comes in several different flavors, but I love the wild mushroom so much I haven’t been able to branch out. So, on your next trip to Target be sure to pick up a box (or two!)


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