diy: magnolia leaf wreath & garland

Okay, I don’t know what the deal is lately, but I have been doing some serious crafting. Maybe it’s because I have been decorating for the holidays, so I’m motivated to do lots of little projects around the house…who knows. Anyway, this is the latest little DIY.

My sweet grandfather gathered some (and when I say some, I mean more than I could have ever used!) magnolia leaves from his yard for me. Magnolia leaves are a perfect way to bring the outdoors in during Christmas. With a little bit of floral wire and a wire wreath form I created some beautiful holiday decor. The first magnolia leaf project was a garland for my dining table. I gathered three and four leaves together at a time, and wrapped the stems with floral wire.

{ the how-to }

I continued to add leaves, turning some right side down to mix it up a bit. Since my dining table is not very big, it didn’t take me very long – so simple! Once it was finished I added a linen table runner and some candle sticks from here.

{ the finished product }

I wish I could say the next magnolia leaf project was just as easy! It took a lot of time, but I think it was totally worth it. It really makes such a statement in my living room. I took a large wire wreath frame and used the same technique that I used for the garland – I wrapped a few leaves together with floral wire, then used the wire to attach them to the frame. With the addition of some brown ribbon I hung it over the large window in my living room.

{ the finished wreath }

And trust me…at the rate things are going, there are more DIYs to come!


4 thoughts on “diy: magnolia leaf wreath & garland

  1. I sure wish I would have seen this before the holidays. I
    have not been able to come up with a theme for my dining room table
    at the holidays, this is perfect. My dishes are dark bronze so the
    traditional red & green table linens I didn’t think would
    look as good. We live in a subdivision called the Magnolias…so
    how cool would this be. You did an awesome job! Happy New

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