diy: burlap wreath

BW and I spent part of the Thanksgiving holiday in Birmingham. While we were there BW’s sister and I went to an adorable little antique shop. I could have walked out with about 20 different things, but sadly I left empty handed (don’t worry I did make BW stop on the way out of town, so I could run in and grab one little thing!) The shop had these burlap wreaths that I LOVED! I snapped this cell phone pic that doesn’t quite do them justice.

{ the inspiration }

I got inspired to whip up one of my own for about 1/4 of the $$$. I loved the burlap, so I decided to incorporate that into a DIY wreath I saw here several months back.

I cut the burlap into about 60 16″ long strips. Then I tied it into knots around a wire* wreath form. 20 minutes and one big mess later (seriously, little burlap strings were EVERYWHERE!) it was ready to hang. I decided to hang it in kitchen, which usually gets neglected when it comes to Christmas decorations.

{ the finished product }

*the directions in the link call for a foam wreath form, but I used wire. 1. because it was cheaper and 2. because it allowed me to cut my burlap strips a little shorter, because they did not have to wrap all the way around a foam form.


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