diy: chic candlesticks

On recent thrift store outing (okay, not so recent…BW and I were there looking for Halloween costumes, but it’s just taken me a while to finally get around to the project…irrelevant) I stumbled across these beauties. And when I say beauties, I mean heinous 80’s brass candlesticks. But they were only 50 cents each and I loved the different shapes and sizes, so I was convinced I could make them into something beautiful. I got some pointers from this simple DIY. After a little TLC and a few coats of spray paint, voila! beautiful candlesticks. See the transformation below…

{ I wiped the candlesticks down with a damp cloth. they were pretty dirty, and covered in old candle wax }

{ the candlesticks got a quick coat of primer }

{ the finished product, after two coats of an oil rubbed bronze spray paint }

I’m still not sure where I am going to put them, but for the time being they will be part of my Christmas centerpiece. Pics of that are on the way!


4 thoughts on “diy: chic candlesticks

  1. I don’t know if this will show as a duplicate, but…

    I love how dark the finish is on your candle sticks, which brand of oil rubbed bronze paint did you use?

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! I used to use the oil rubbed bronze by Krylon, but I’ve recently switched to Rust-Oleum and it is SOOO much better. The Krylon dries a flat and the Rust-Oleum has a metallic finish. I just used the Rust-Oleum to paint all of the vent covers in our house and two light fixtures outside and it looks amazing!

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