i {heart} this house: it’s complicated

The other night I watched It’s Complicated. While the movie was…eh…just, okay. I could not get enough of Meryl’s Streep’s house in the movie! The house was pretty much what kept my eyes glued to the screen (other than John Krasinski, of course!). It had a Spanish cottage feel, but what I loved about it the most is it seemed so comfy, cozy and lived-in. After quite a bit of googling, I found out the movie was written and directed by Nancy Meyers (who also did Something’s Gotta Give – another ah-mazing house!!) Ahh, I LOVED it! Here are some of my fave pics…


{ I would die for this kitchen! }

{ love the exposed shelves and white dishes }


{ sooo effortlessly stylish. love the splashes of orange }

{ amazing archways }


{ how incredible is this clawfoot tub? }


{ I’m so jealous of this garden – even though it would probably take a team of people to keep it up }

{ all images courtesy of Traditional Home and Universal Pictures }


1. Circa Lighting Medium Goodman Hanging Lamp $483

2. Wisteria Vintage Wooden Bench $699

3. Wisteria Portable Pots $89

4. Wisteria Round Metal Basket $18

5. Jayson Home & Garden Charlotte Wing Chair $2,495

6. Target Numeric Stoneware Canister $15-$17

7. Anthropologie Floral Fresco Rug $248

8. Wisteria Sturdy Iron Lined Basket $49

9. Wisteria Orange Suzani Pillow $99

10. Wisteria Glass Cloche $89


4 thoughts on “i {heart} this house: it’s complicated

  1. That house was my favorite thing about the movie as well – I felt like I was watching a Pottery Barn catalog come to life.

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  3. So glad there is somebody out there that feels the same as me! That is the one thing I remember from that movie!!! totally adore the garden… totally! Just found your blog… nice!

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